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I tried Jazzercise for 6 months and Here are the Results

Six months ago I did something I never thought I’d do – I joined Jazzercise. As mentioned back in March (just one month in), I was curious to see how I would feel about it at the six-month mark. Well, here I am and here’s how it went.

In order to really get a full understanding of how Jazzercise works and how it works for my body, I decided to set a personal goal to attend 100 classes before my 6-month contract was up. Despite several weeks of travel, being out for two weeks because of a pulled neck muscle (not Jazz-related), and being slowed down due to multiple colds, I’m proud to say – I met my goal! My 100th class was just this week and now the verdict is in:
I’m just as in love with Jazzercise as I was when I first started.

Taken on a celebratory (wine) walk after I completed my 100th class.

The Basics:
+ In a perfect world I go to about 5-6 classes a week. However, with a busy work schedule, lots of travel, and a kid who likes to bring me illnesses home from daycare, that certainly doesn’t always happen.

+ The sessions last for a full hour and include a warm-up and a cool-down. When I started I was surprised to discover that there are several different formats, which took me a while to fully understand. Now I know that Fusion incorporates more strength, while Dance Mixx features more cardio. All I bring to class each day is a huge bottle of water, as they have plenty of mats and weights to use.

+ Unless you pay for each class individually, you have to sign a contract and pay a sign-up fee. However, occasionally there are specials where they waive that fee or a have free, no-strings-attached month. The longer your contract is, the cheaper your plan is. More info can be found on my first post or directly from the source at Jazzercise.com.

Why I still love it:
+ It’s a one-stop-shop. I do Jazzercise for the same reason I subscribe to Blue Apron. I want to work out for the same reasons I want to eat well, but in the past all of the preparation and planning got in the way. Due to my crazy busy schedule, I don’t have time to master the week of perfect recipes the same way I don’t have time to seek out the perfect fitness routine on my own. With Jazzercise, I know I have a place that I can go every day and get handed a full, well-rounded workout. With cardio, strength, and stretching – it’s everything packaged up nice and neat in every class.

+ I admit I had preconceived ideas about what Jazzercise was before I tried it and it wasn’t necessarily favorable. Of course I assumed it was stuck in the 80s, but the soundtrack proved instantly that it’s not. Also, I immediately realized how much people really loved Jazzercise, so I wondered if there was some sort of incentive to share the excitement and get your friends to join. I was actually happy to learn that the fanfare is genuine. So if a girlfriend tries to get you to go, it’s most likely because she really thinks you’ll love it too. One exception to this is that I did once win a sweet Jazzercise water bottle during a special sign-up promotion, but I think you still get my point.

+ That brings me to one other thing I’ve earned – my very own Jazzercise beach towel. And yes, I mean earned and not won. Jazzercise holds periodic challenges throughout the year, where if you attend a certain number of classes during a set amount of time, you earn some special Jazz-merch. This was the first challenge I’ve accepted and, while the towel is great and all, it’s more about having a goal to work towards.

+ The workout creates such a positive feeling. As cheesy as it is, there’s something about the combination of music, pushing your body has hard as you can, and the encouragement of the instructors that leaves you feeling incredibly happy to be giving it your all. While some days I might think about going to the happy hour next door instead, I still look forward to it instead of the normal dread I have about other exercise. And by the way, according to their website, the average person sticks with Jazzercise for seven years. That’s a long time for a workout regimen.

+ Even after six months, it’s still just as much a mental work out as it is a physical one. Jazzercise does a good job shaking things up with new songs and routines just as soon as you think you know what you’re doing. This is still the only hour of my day where I’m totally focused on one thing and one thing only.

+ After my very first class, the instructor told me that it takes about a month to fully get it. She was right. I still have my off days and I still mess up during every song, but I don’t care and neither does anyone else. You’re made to feel comfortable and are reminded that this is your work out, so you can make it your own. And believe me, we all do.

What I’ve gotten out of it:
+ I went from not exercising at all to exercising 4 – 6 days a week. So, did I lose a bunch of weight? Not really, but that wasn’t my goal. I’ve always had a smaller frame and I tend to eat semi-well, so I started this journey to tone-up and to feel better overall. While I’m not perfect (who is?), I am more confident and I’m finally wearing clothes again that I hid in the back of my closet long ago. Shockingly, I even fit into my wedding dress recently, which took place nearly a decade ago.

+ I also gained the confidence to wear a bikini in public for the first time since before Iris was born. While I still often choose my one-piece, it’s amazing to have options you feel good about.

+ Beyond the outer benefits, I definitely feel better inside too. I fall asleep easier, I haven’t had a serious migraine since I started Jazzercise, and I have more energy. I also like knowing that Iris sees me taking time to care for my health and I hope it instills something in her too.

Will I continue?
+ My answer at this point? DUH! Right now Jazzercise just works for me. It works for my schedule, it works for my body, and it works for my mind. So right now my answer is a resounding YES! Will I be writing a year update? Two year update? Seven years? Only time will tell. Till then, see ya there?

PS – This is not at all a sponsored post. I just wanted to share my honest journey.


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  • Linda Frazier December 30, 2016 @ 12:02 pm

    I’ve Jazzercised over 35 years, the last 10 I’ve been an Instructor. I’m so happy you like it and took the time to share your thoughts. Bet one day you will be an Instructor. Good for you!

  • Jaime Cole January 14, 2017 @ 12:29 pm

    For the past eight years, I have taught Pilates and Callanetics. Four months ago I switched careers and now work M-F, 8-5. With my new schedule, I haven’t been able to organize an effective, consistent workout regimen. My friend gave me a 30 day Jazz pass and I went to my first class (in a long time) last night! My mood elevated with my heart rate and I am addicted!! I’m going to adopt your idea of doing it for 6 months and then reflecting. Thank you for sharing 😉

  • Patty Cordero January 20, 2017 @ 9:37 am

    I’ll begin my first class this coming sunday. Thank you for all the great information. I feel as though I have the needed/necessary information to begin this journey. I haven’t exercised in years …. work hard (at work) and on my feet for 8 hours … but the time has come!! Thanks again!

  • Sherri June 27, 2017 @ 10:41 pm

    Didn’t lose weight??? That Is my main goal. And to work on my arthritis. Hhmmm. If I don’t lose weight and feel better IDK I want both!!

  • Jennifer Harris July 1, 2017 @ 10:01 pm

    I’ve done a lot of exercise programs over the decades, including yoga, crossfit, personal weight lifting trainer, and NOTHING has gotten me into shape faster than Jazzercise. I love it because it is so comprehensive, and incorporates cardio, weights, balance and stretching. And it’s FUN and never boring.

  • Random web surfer November 22, 2017 @ 7:52 am

    You look amazing

  • Lori Mulligan Davis January 4, 2018 @ 1:05 pm

    Thank you for this post! I haven’t been exercising in decades. The last time? Jazzercise! Now that my blood-sugar numbers are calling me accountable, I am considering it again.

  • Patty Munger February 4, 2018 @ 4:37 pm

    Hi, I’ve just started Jazzersice 4 days ago. I’ve never worked out and I signed up because of one of their challenges. I’m hoping to tone up. I use to be very thin. Now that I’m in my early 30’s I started gaining weight in my middle and not being toned anymore. I’m hoping the classes get my toned and make me feel more confident.
    I think you look great, your body is basically my goal. Lol
    Thank you for this post!❤️

  • Emily Copas February 17, 2018 @ 12:04 pm

    Thanks for your post. I just joined Jazzercise and really like it. Today as my 6th class. I was looking on line to see if I could get a few pointers on the steps and happened onto you post. Thanks for the encouragement I am going to keep on trying!!!