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Skin Update – A Month Later!

It’s been FIVE weeks since I had my first skin care visit at the Northwest Arkansas Center for Plastic Surgery and The Skin Care Center and, as promised, I’m keeping you updated on my progress. At my last post, I was two weeks out and the Botox had fully kicked in (for those of you who missed it, YES – I tried Botox for the very first time and, YES – I’m totally in love). After four full weeks, I went back for another round of Dermaplane, which also included some microdermabrasion on my nose, a lactic peel, and as a nice little bonus – I got my eyebrows touched up (using a safe, soy wax of course)! Annnnd on my way out I just happened to see my favorite person, the nurse injector, who gave me a little touch up of Botox on my forehead. Like I mentioned in my previous post, she wanted to start small knowing that we could always add more later. So basically, this was a one-stop-shop and I was able to do it all on my lunch hour. After I was done, I went straight back to the office, as there’s no recovery time needed (just a little redness for about an hour).

So, back to the Dermaplane. I have been so impressed with this that I’ve been staying up at night Googling and reading up all about it. It’s a simple concept, but the results are instantly visible. My skin care products absorb better and my makeup goes on smoother. The Dermaplane glow appears right away (noticeable once the redness wears off) and really seems to last. My aesthetician, Krissa, who is beyond wonderful explained that this is a great “core” treatment to use as the basis of your skin care regimen. As I lay on the comfy bed, Krissa talks me through the entire process so that I understand exactly what she’s doing every step of the way. NWACPS actually offers a VIP program that is perfect for anyone considering this route, but they also have options for all budgets. And with free consultations, it’s super easy to at least get started – no matter if you’re ALL in or just want to start small.

Overall, I am SOLD on this whole “taking care of your skin” thing and very thankful to NWACPS for their guidance (annnnd the Botox). I mean, we go to the dentist to take care of our teeth, the doctor to take care of our body, hair stylist to take care of our hair – so of course we should be doing all we can to take care of our largest organ (and the one that everyone sees first)! But what’s most important is that my skin is what I see first – and every time I look in the mirror, I think about how happy I am with it. I’m told that the longer you take control and take care of your skin, the better and better it will be. I know I’ll get older and age will continue to set in, but that’s why it’s more more important than ever for me to start now. I will share with you my morning and night skincare routines soon, as I am absolutely loving the SkinMedica products (that you now can actually purchase straight through NWACPS’s website)! Thanks for following along… Till next time!

This post is in partnership with NWACPS, however the words and opinions in my blog are truly my own.


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