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TRAVEL LOVE: Eureka Springs

Last week I had a long weekend from work, so we decided to do a little something different. After looking at the (amazing) weather forecast, we drove the short hour to Eureka Springs, Arkansas and spend some time wandering the winding streets. With Iris in tow, we packed a small over night bag, booked a room at the Basin Park Hotel and were on our way.

After we checked into our room, I did a quick Google search because I had heard rumors that our hotel was haunted. Before I could even finish typing “Basin Park Hotel haunted,” OUR ROOM NUMBER popped up as a search option. That’s right, we were about to spend the night in one of the most haunted rooms at the property. I don’t get spooked out by things like that, but I do like to have fun with it, so I kept an eye out all night for spirits or orbs or whatever it may be, but sadly – we had no visitors during our stay.

The location of the Basin Park is perfect for a couple of reasons. One, it’s smack dab in the middle of downtown, so once you arrive, everything is within walking distance. Also, it’s next to (obviously) Basin Park. This park just so happens to be where Todd and I got engaged oh-so-many years ago. One cold January night, we walked up to the stage that overlooks the park and he got down on one knee. Beforehand, we even had dinner at the Basin Park Hotel, but until last weekend we never had stayed the night.

As for exploring Eureka, we walked around, popping into cute little stores and candy shops. Iris LOVED finding these little Eureka Springs Rocks around town. Apparently folks paint rocks and leave them out and about for people to find, then keep or re-hide. It was a fun little game for Iris to play throughout the day and it kept her entertained. Eating brunch at Local Flavor, drinks at Brews, and dinner at Grotto, we were full and happy by the end of the day. Ready to sleep tight with the ghosts. The entire little downtown is so adorable, I found myself snapping photos at every turn, so here are some photos from our mini-getaway!

Our stay at the Basin Park Hotel

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