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Life Lately – April 2017

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. I’m not a fan of Wednesday. This week, like most weeks lately, I’ve been checking items off my to-do list. Including: getting my car serviced, getting my hair done, and getting my skin lasered. Lots of maintenance going on around here, but at least two out of three are ones I look forward to (hair and skin, duh).

Last week was of course equally hectic, but with a bit of excitement. I had not one, but TWO speaking engagements. The first was for the local chapter of PRSA (Public Relations Society of America). I talked about being a blogger/social influencer (gosh I really don’t like those terms, but there’s nothing else that captures what we do), as well as what it’s like to work with brands. My other presentation was bright and early on Saturday morning to a a funeral directing group. Hey, at least I’ve got range!

This weekend Todd is going on an overnight backpack trip into the wilderness with some of his best buds, so Iris and I get a girls weekend. I think we’re going to get a hotel nearby and have a mini-getaway just for something different. Speaking of Iris, she has a few exciting things in her life currently too. She has three loose teeth (unfortunately, one is wiggly thanks to a bad fall on the school playground), she is counting down the days to her favorite holiday – Easter, and she is becoming such a great READER! It’s so incredible watch her mind grow.

For now it’s off to bed, but I’ll leave ya with my new hair and fresh skin (I’m guessing you don’t care to see a picture of my oil change).

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