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TRAVEL LOVE: Rosemary Beach 2017

For the fourth year in a row, we visited one of my favorite places on earth – Rosemary Beach, Florida. I’ve written about our previous trips here, here, here, and here! These posts are still some of my most trafficked stories. I swear if you go to the 30A area just once, you are completely spoiled by the white sand, emerald water, and quaint little coastal towns.

The first two trips it was just Todd, Iris, and me, but last year we finally talked some good friends into meeting us there. Once Seth and Ashlee arrived, they surprised us with the news that they were pregnant! One year later, they met us there again – with their little beach babe, Frankee. We also had another family of friends join us who have two little girls, one of which is Iris’ age. So for the first time ever, Iris actually had kids to play with at the beach. It was magical.

Our crew (photo by Stephanie Jones):

Since we had a much larger group this year, we needed a much larger house. If it’s just our little family we rent a carriage house, but it sure is fun to get to stay in one of the huge, gorgeous houses in Rosemary. This year we had a little trouble finding the perfect one, but finally we booked the Seahorse Cottage, which has its own private pool. Rosemary has several amazing community pools, so that wasn’t really a priority, but now that we had one it will be a requirement from here on out.

Originally we were booked for five nights, but at the very last minute we extended our trip. The ocean was a little rough in the beginning of our week, so the extra day ended up being THE perfect beach day.

On a couple different days, the dudes and the ladies took turns keeping the kids so that we all could enjoy some kid-free time. The girls opted for a spa day at The Pearl in downtown Rosemary and I’m pretty sure we won. I’ve admired the property from afar for years, but this was the first time I got to experience it. Ashlee, Stephanie, and myself each got an hour massage, which was right off of the adults-only pool area. Afterwards, we lounged poolside along with frozen cocktails and appetizers. We basically wanted to live there… So of course now I want to go back to Rosemary for a full girls trip and see what it’s like to actually stay there.

Over the course of the week, we hit up the staples: The Donut Hole, wandered around Seaside where The Truman Show was filmed, seafood at Crabby Steve’s, bike ride to the fountain at Alys Beach, Charlie’s Donut Truck, drinks at NEAT, tacos at Cowgirl Kitchen, sangria at Le Crema, and of course plenty of beach time. Usually once a vacation comes to an end, I’m ready to come home. But Rosemary Beach is one of the few places I feel like I could stay forever and be just fine. Since I can’t, I’ve already started looking for a property for next year because, if I can’t be traveling, I can at least be planning. ‘Till next time, 30A!

Tons more photos from our week:

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