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100 Days of School!

Well, it’s true what they say. Blink and you’ll miss it. Somehow our brand new kindergartener just had her 100th day of school! We never celebrated (or even acknowledged) milestones like this when I was growing up, but we celebrate everything now so why not this? Iris looked forward to the 100th day for weeks. Each student was tasked with choosing one thing to bring 100 of to school and Iris chose seashells from our past beach trips.

I thought that her third tooth might come out of the 100th day of school, but it’s still hanging on for dear life. Her top front teeth are very wiggly, so it will be any day now! I have been so sad to see think about these teeth falling out, but now I can tell it’s time. She used to have an adorable big gap in-between them, but now she has grown so much that they look like little Chiclets and the gap has stretched to the other sides. Speaking of growing, today we’re off in search of some pants that will fit our girl. She’s grown two inches, seemingly overnight, and all of her pants suddenly look like high-waters! Wish us luck.

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  • Hallie February 7, 2018 @ 2:52 pm

    My kindergartner is celebrating her 100th day of school tomorrow, they get to dress up like they’re 100 years old! I never remember celebrating this growing up, but apparently it’s a pretty big thing?