Mom to Iris. Wife to Todd. Our little family lives at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We love it here and I love sharing little bits of our life.

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Soo much has been going on lately. Let’s see…

FUN: Saw Lucero play on Friday (as you can clearly see from above since I took a million pictures of myself while there). Whenever or whereever I see them play, I still can’t help but think back to the shows at Barristers or the Hi-Tone. But what I really start thinking about, is that I wouldn’t be here in Fayetteville or engaged to Todd if it weren’t for that band. Kinda crazy..

WORK: Well, I put in my notice at the coffee shop. I’m probably not saying goodbye forever, as they have been kind enough to say that I’m welcome back whenever I feel the need for hours. Instead of slinging lattes, I’m going to pursue my eBay business full-time this summer. As excited as I am about the possibilities, I can’t help but be a little nervous too.

SCHOOL: With the semester almost over, I received THE best news in the world yesterday. I was sitting in my Mathematical Reasoning class yesterday, ready to start with my notebook and calculator out, when the professor walked in and told us that not only do we NOT have to take the final exam, but we all automatically get a 100 on it. Plus, we all get the 200 points that were possible for our homework grade, no matter if we did well or not. So, I put my calculator and notebook back into my bag, and unexpectedly walked out of math for the last time in my life!

Thanks Ya’ll!

I’m not going to get into all of the bloody details just yet, but for the two people out there in the world who don’t already know, Todd got hurt pretty bad Tuesday night playing softball. I feel sort of bad saying this since it didn’t happen to me, but it was honestly one of the most terrifying moments of my life. I finally understand the feeling behind when my dad always says, “I hurt when you hurt” whenever I’ve been really sick.

A couple days, a broken nose, a gallon of blood, a broken bone-under-the-eye, and a temporarily blind left eye later, Todd is recovering nicely. He’s on strict bedrest though, so he’s been able to blog it up over at crasymaker.com. Check that out for the full story and plenty of pretty pictures.

I mostly just want to say THANK YOU over and over to everyone! You all have been so kind and generous. And I’ll never stop saying thanks to Eric and Laura. For real, ya’ll are amazing.

Caravans and Cauldrons

Thursday night, Cathy and The Fiances (the name of our do-whop group, if we ever decide to have one) drove over to Little Rock for a night of big rock. American Princes had their CD release show and The Good Fear opened, so us girls decided to follow ’em down. After missing two out of the two interstate exits that we had to take to find the show AND dodging a cracked out guy who persisted that he “was not a robber,” we ladies got there just in time for tequila shots and the begining of the show.


The (Damn) Good Fear

American Princes

After the show we walked over to this old abandoned house, well, frame of a house. Brian and Tim jumped the fence and explored, while the rest of us just stood back and snapped grainy pictures in the dark. After a 1:30 am trip to Taco Bell, our four-car caravan ended up at a pricey Holiday Inn where with a sink full of Busch Light, things got a little crazy (especially with Cathy’s hair straightener).

All the dudes got their hair did & proceeded to take “MySpace band photos”

Bathroom Party

Shoe Shining


The next day we found every kind of food we could imagine at some sort of indoor market downtown. After a nice little picnic by the river, we hunted down a record store, a witch boutique (?), and finally the city’s art museum. By the time we were fully recovered from the night before, we were on our way back to the ‘Ville.


Lots Lately

Everything has been hectic lately, but here are a million pictures that basically recap my last couple of weekends. Enjoy.

The night before our much anticipated Engagement Party:

The day of:

The party!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came and to everyone who helped out or drove from out of town. It really means so much to us. We will remember that night forever.


This last week was ridiculously fun and crazy. Last Saturday was Jonathan’s birthday and a group of about 30 of us met up for BBB (Bowling, Burritos, and Boobs). Thanks to the last “B” it was a night I will never forget for reasons that I can’t quite mention on here.

The longest table ever at La Huerta. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

Thursday night was a night that I looked forward to for quite a while. The Paper Hearts, Lucero, and Cory Branan played the biggest show that the Dickson Theatre has ever held. The line was insane – about 4 people thick and stretched all the way down Dickson Street for a good hour or two. Everyone sounded great, but I was especially excited to see The Paper Hearts play again, this time on their own turf!

Brandy gettin “Memphis Style” BBQ before hand.

Cory playing first

Laura & me

Michelle & Laura


Genevieve, Me, & Laura

Tim & Bryan

Todd, Dave, Tim


Half Cathy / Half me

Husband & Wife

Sparks Light, all night!

Some troll & me

Karen, Me

“Do you want me to go swim in the garbage on the floor?”

Me (yet again) & Brandy

The Paper Hearts!

This one’s for you Dave:

Todd & Cory singin w/ Ben

Cory & Tim @ the after party at Dave’s.
This picture makes the party look lame, but it wasn’t at all.
We left “early” at about 3 am.

So, that’s that.

Everything else is going wonderfully! School’s back in session and engaged life is grand.

See ya’ll laters..