Mom to Iris. Wife to Todd. Our little family lives at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We love it here and I love sharing little bits of our life.

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The Last Hurrah

With only a week left until the fall semester starts, I said goodbye to summer in style w/ a trip to Tybee Island with some of my bestest peeps. For more detailed look at our days, check out crasymaker.com.

With a 15 hour drive there and back, we had a short layover in Memphis
(thanks again Mom & Tim for putting us up)

Kerri & Joel joined us for dinner

Crazy long drive the next day

Finally there!

Our “Oceanfront” condo

Night walk to the inlet by our condo.

Beachin it!

hurt knee

Livin it up at the condo..

.. with mojitos & more.

Our own private bar in the basement!

Exploring Savannah, GA (right next to Tybee Island)

Ebay Street!

Bonaventure Cemetery

Spanish Moss everywhere..

Trolly Tour of the historic district

This tiny house apparently just sold for over $850,000.

Haunted Pub Crawl (it’s legal to walk around w/ open containers of alcohol there)

On to the Polaroids..

Sophia Coppola sparkling wine!

My sweet boogie board

My sweetie on his boogie board

I built a sand castle.

Headed home…

I had an amazing time, but it just went by way too fast.


Julyin Around

This summer rules it!

+ mini trip to Memphis
+ afternoons at the pool & lake
+ Superman Slip & Slide
+ night beers on the front porch
+ Project Runway party
+ Paper Hearts & The New Tragedy shows
+ the White Whale CD
+ Weekend in Lawrence/Kansas City
+ Take out from Saigon Le to Fayetteville
+ Tab energery drinks mixed w/ champagne
+ Todd’s eye finally showing some improvement
+ getting paid to shop at thrift stores
+ party planning for Kerri
+ Baby Cole’s dance moves
+ dance party at an accoustic house show
+ winning $100 in Tunica
+ shopping
+ taste tester for Darling Deserts
+ vacation planning
+ hangin w/ Deets
+ fake cigarettes
+ marshmellow cheese burgers that taste like cherries

Floatie Girl

“No Loitering”

Kristen & Me – Cha ching!

The New Tragedies (Fayetteville)

The Paper Hearts (Fayetteville)

Cory Branan house show w/ the Early Morning Bourbon Girls

Turned into a dance party…

Road trip to Kansas City!

White Whale CD release show (Lawrence, KS)

Shoppin at the Plaza in KC

Seth’s loft

Dumpling dinner for 20


Cathy & Laura

Putting my cig out

The Paper Hearts (KC)

The New Tragedies (KC)

Follow That Bird

My favorite graffiti ever

BB’s fantastic parking spot.

Sunday breakfast

Burrito of Love (pancake w/ eggs, cheese, & bacon inside)

New purse & wallet!

Sayin goodbye…

Summer Lovin

Whew! This past week has been seriously fun and seriously exhausting. By the time the actual night of the 4th of July rolled around, I was in bed watching about a dozen romantic comedies, even though the fireworks kept drowning out Mathew Mcconaughey southern accent. Here’s proof of huge amount of funness (with some photos left over from the week or so before)…

American Princes

Cory & Dave

Jenna & Me

Brandy pulling a Dustin

Sushi and uh… The Blair Witch Project.

We ladies had a blast while Dude’s Night looked kinda like this..

Mexican on the patio after an afternoon of swimming

Lauric’s Amazing BBQ!

the ‘works

Jonathan & Lacey’s new roomie

BURNT thumb that led to guacamole glue

Individual Summer Beers in tiny mason jars!

Brandy’s tanner than me.

Till next time!


+ weekdays are spent w/ Todd & Blue kitty (i’m not tryin to eat her in that picture, i swear)
+ spiced up the front of our house with a deck built by Eric, Todd, & Dustin
+ with major help from Laura, my little flower bed has come alive (with plants and moles)
+ weekends are spent on porches with friends, food, & drinks
+ i now have an organized “office” for Bittersweet & will even have an assistant soon
+ already found my halloween costume, but turns out it looks better on Todd

♥, sarah


Soo much has been going on lately. Let’s see…

FUN: Saw Lucero play on Friday (as you can clearly see from above since I took a million pictures of myself while there). Whenever or whereever I see them play, I still can’t help but think back to the shows at Barristers or the Hi-Tone. But what I really start thinking about, is that I wouldn’t be here in Fayetteville or engaged to Todd if it weren’t for that band. Kinda crazy..

WORK: Well, I put in my notice at the coffee shop. I’m probably not saying goodbye forever, as they have been kind enough to say that I’m welcome back whenever I feel the need for hours. Instead of slinging lattes, I’m going to pursue my eBay business full-time this summer. As excited as I am about the possibilities, I can’t help but be a little nervous too.

SCHOOL: With the semester almost over, I received THE best news in the world yesterday. I was sitting in my Mathematical Reasoning class yesterday, ready to start with my notebook and calculator out, when the professor walked in and told us that not only do we NOT have to take the final exam, but we all automatically get a 100 on it. Plus, we all get the 200 points that were possible for our homework grade, no matter if we did well or not. So, I put my calculator and notebook back into my bag, and unexpectedly walked out of math for the last time in my life!