Mom to Iris. Wife to Todd. Our little family lives at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We love it here and I love sharing little bits of our life.

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T-shirt Weather

Last year I spent Christmas in snowy New York City and Washington D.C. This year however, I spent it in Memphis for the first time in five years. I got lots of amazing gifts from my amazing friends and family. Thanks to everyone!!

And as soon as I’m not sick,
I’m going on a shopping (and eating) spree…

While in Memphis..

Kristen Deets (a friend since the 6th grade) was in town fron NYC

Spent time w/ my step-sister Roxanne who was in town from D.C.
(I totally stole this picture from you Rox)

Chilled w/ “Ryan Gosling” at the Hi-Tone

For the very few of you who don’t know about Graceland Too..

There’s this guy, Paul McLeod, who lives in Holly Springs, MS and is a complete Elvis FREAK. He has devoted his entire house to Elvis and gives tours of it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I’ve been twice before (once at 2 am on Easter). The tour lasts waaay too long at almost 2 hours. He gets going and just doesn’t stop talking. Almost everything that comes out of his mouth are obvious, random lies all dealing with celebrites and millions of dollars. All the while, his dentures are pretty much just dangling from his gums. The tour was complete with him singing Jail House Rock, dancing a little jig, and showing us his home-aid electric chair in the carport.

The gold suit he will be buried in:

Even the ceilings are coated in craziness.

That’s him…

He has pictures of everyone that’s ever taken the tour.

He likes TV?

Shaking his hips like Elvis.

Mom.. about to kill me for taking her there.

And what does an electric chair have to do with Elvis?

We survived!

Last, but not least:
+ Happy Birthday to Todd (Dec. 23rd) & Michelle (today)!
+ Congrats to my best friend Kerri who got engaged to Joel right before Christmas!
+ Congratulations to Brandy & Dustin who also got engaged over the holiday!

Burr Rabbit

going thru photos...

school is out and i’ve never been so relieved.
it was my best semester yet (except for that damn modular algebra).

going to memphis on christmas eve till the 28th.

working on sarahfortune.com
(my pictures will be organized in gallaries soon)

favorite made-up drink of the week: blueberry mocha.

haven’t bought one christmas present yet.
i’ve got a complete list in my head though. does that count?

loving wolf parade.

american apparel is opening a store in memphis across from the arcade!

selling boots has started to bore me,
after the dozen pairs i have are gone it’s back to selling vintage clothes.

upgraded to a powerbook from my slotmachine-won-ibook thanks to my baby.
i’m constantly amazed at the difference.

arsaga’s customers: please stop asking if my tattoo is a rub on “tat” for the holliday. thanks.

Pssst pssst

I know it’s been like a year since I’ve updated this thing. School has just been rediculous, but the semester is FINALLY almost over. Plus, Todd has helped me set up this pretty lil website and that’s taken a while for me to get around to setting it all up. This is going to be my main blog, so if you’re wondering which of my many places to check from now on, this would be the one.

Now to a few pictures..

Jessica and I went to Memphis for a couple days around Thanksgiving.

First night..
At the Deli

Narrrsty booty dancin at the Hi-Tone

Jessica & Ryan

wild wall flowers

lil beth

The next day was seriously exhausting. We spent the afternoon hours hopping around to as many thrift stores as possible with a pit stop at The Cupboard.

My little castle in the ghetto over near Graceland.

Yeah.. I really doubt this claim to fame..

After a lovely dinner with my dad we wound up at the insanely packed Glass show.

Robin + Me + Sparks

The next day was Thanksgiving and we helped my stepdad prepare his famous orange rolls. Since my mom & him just moved into their new house a week before, we spend dinner at a family friends house.

After dinner we met up with Kerri, Brandy, & Joel and I saw Walk The Line for the second time.
Although I am only a little lavendar blur in the background for like 2 seconds, it was really cool to see all these scenes that I was there for.

I have so many more pictures to post and already a couple more trips to go on before this month is up. Hopefully with school being out soon I will actually be able to stay on top of things. Till then…

Sweet Thunder

Friday started out just like any other day.. a wonderful little walk to school (the trees are amazing right now) and then an afternoon at the coffee shop. But as soon as my shift was over, I jumped in my car & swung by Laura’s house. She sat shotgun and 5 hours later we arrived in my beloved Tunica, MS.

The whole reason for the trip was not for gambling, but for my bff Kerri’s surprise birthday party. Since I usually stay with her when I visit, I figured her not knowing I was coming into town was a good excuse to hit some slots!

The view from our room at the Gold Strike

Yes, we are such classy ladies…

I came out 50 bucks and a terrible 3 am omlete breakfast ahead!

Laura with nuthin but lint.

The next morning…

…we drove to Southaven where we had lunch with my dad & family.

And also where I was reunited with my childhood banana seat bike..

The afternoon was devoted to party preparations.
Hit up the fancy new outdoor mall in Memphis, where they have a perfectly normal speed limit.

Yes, I am officially a grandma for this one…

The SURPRISE part.
Kinda blurry. I was too busy nervously enjoying the moment.

Got to chill with some of my favorite girls..

The four us us back together at last..

After the best nights sleep ever at the birthday girl’s house, we ate a late breakfast at the Arcade & were on our way back to Fayetteville…

The Champions

Halloween on a Monday? Yeah right, last night was the time to celebrate.

Freddie Mercury & a banana dance it up.
title or description

So much yellow for this couple.
Bumble Bee & the ‘nanner.
title or description

Sweet Pea
title or description

Her date, Thug Carrot
title or description

title or description

title or description

Thug Carrot filling up Robosage’s beer pack since he couldn’t quite drink it himself.
title or description

Banana, Freddie, & the gay redneck
title or description

Meth Mouth
title or description

Extra Long Cape Man, who wrapped his extra long cape around folks. Apparently, even when he went to the bathroom his cape was so long that it trailed all the way outside.
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title or description

Finally taking those damn wings off.
I was sick of apologizing every 10 seconds for slapping people in the face with them.
title or description

Veruca Salt
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title or description

Firecracker Red paint sample & Sweet Pea
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Proud to be one of the last dancers dancin.
Thank the lord for daylight savings time and lazy sunday afternoons.