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Holiday Sparkle Spritzer Recipe #SimplyHolidaysAtSams

This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks, Inc. and the Simply Orange Juice Company.

If you have spent any time with me at all (or followed me for a mere second on Instagram), you know that I am a lover of wine. Red wine in particular. While it’s especially cozy to drink red in the winter months, it’s never my top-choice for a drink during daylight hours. A bit heavy and bold, red wine is always more of an evening indulgence for me. So finally last summer I found my favorite go-to day drink: wine spritzers. Light, fresh, and a bit toned down in the alcohol department, wine spritzers are perfect for parties on hot summer afternoons or to sip pool-side. But now that it’s winter, I’ve put my own holiday spin on my daytime favorite. My secret has always been to add the best tasting lemonade in conjunction with the sparkling water, so partnering with Simply® Lemonade at Sam’s Club was a natural fit. With 100% juices and juice drinks, Simply Beverages™ are deliciously simple and easy to find in the refrigerated section of your local Sam’s Club.

We’re hosting Christmas at our house again this year (one of my most favorite things to do, ever), so instead of your typical mimosas, the Holiday Sparkle Spritzer will be on the menu (you’re welcome, family!). I typically set up a little bar area, where it’s easy for me to mix up a quick drink for serving and so that guests feel welcome to help themselves. Purchasing the Simply Lemonade®, I know that I’ll have enough to last all day. And of course every holiday drink needs to be served with snacks, so I also picked up Member’s Mark Nuts to keep in bowls around the house. We usually eat our big holiday meal later in the day, so this helps keep people satisfied during the Christmas chaos leading up to the feast.

This recipe is as simple as it is festive – after pouring the Simply Lemonade®, sparkling water, and of course the wine – you just top it with pomegranate seeds and sliced lime! Personally I prefer rosé in my spritzers, but any chilled white will do. Scroll down for the full recipe details!

Holiday Sparkle Spritzer Recipe
Fill glass with ice (I prefer crushed)
1/3 glass of Simply Lemonade®
1/3 glass of chilled rosé
1/3 glass of chilled sparkling water or club soda
1 tablespoon of pomegranate seeds
1 squeeze of lime, with an additional slice for flare

And there you have it – a simple holiday spin on a classic cocktail!

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